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The Bitter Truth About Energy Drinks

close up of a hand holding a can of energy drink

Life can be hectic, and sometimes you need that extra boost to power through the day. Enter energy drinks, those colorful cans packed with caffeine, sugar, and a myriad of other stimulating ingredients.

Keeping Your Smile Bright While on Vacation

Senior Adult, Family, Grandmother, Women, Latin American and Hispanic Ethnicity

Are you gearing up for an adventure-filled vacation? Whether you’re jetting off to exotic locales or embarking on a relaxing getaway, one thing’s for sure: your dental health shouldn’t take a backseat during your travels.

The Science Behind Smiles and Health

Young beautiful woman wearing green shirt and glasses over yelllow

Today, let’s discuss the world of smiles and the incredible impact they can have on our health. So, let’s get ready to show off those pearly whites and spread some positivity! 

Understanding Root Canals

Understanding Root Canals

At Lotus Dental, we believe in preserving your natural smile whenever possible. However, there are instances when a tooth extraction becomes necessary to ensure your overall dental health.