At Your First Dental Appointment we will start by taking a series of x-rays that allows us to see every tooth in your mouth. You will get a careful oral examination where we will check for things like tooth decay, gum disease and other things that can affect not just your mouth, but your overall health. Then we will discuss any treatment you might benefit from.

You may get a cleaning on your first dental visit, or it may be scheduled for a follow-up visit. From start to finish, this first visit will most likely last 1.5-2 hours so we can make sure we’ve given your smile the attention it needs.

In order to make your first dental visit the most enjoyable experience please come prepared with the following information:

  • A list of any or all medication that you’re presently prescribed and taking
  • Your dental insurance information
  • Patient Forms filled out

Having this prepared and ready for your appointment will save you time and allow us to make your first visit the very best experience.

We’re so excited to see you. If you have any questions please call 985-286-4045 or send us an email:

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